Are buttons made of olive wood, so they are 100% biodegradable. once manufactured they are given a wax so they don't spoil. If desired, you can also serve without wax. You can also give them a burnt finish that gives them an old look.


Are buttons made from the coconut shell, which gives them a very natural and detonated tree bark look.

We can offer it in natural coconut or in white coconut.

Are 100% biodegradable

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The choir comes from the fruit of a tropical palm tree and are 100% biodegradable.

Choir buttons are equal to natural and ecological than coconut or shell buttons. they don't have any kind of material added.

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These buttons are made of vegetable cotton fibers and recycled polyester. they have a very special touch finish, they look like cloth buttons or felt.

As absolute innovation, we can get a double color effect on the same button using compatible dyes on the two components of the item (algodon and recycled polyester.)

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Oado material is 60% hemp fiber. this is a very resistant material that grows rapidly with little water and does not require pesticides or other chemicals. We have 7 colors.

The hemp has more than 50,000 commercial uses; all items made of wood or oil can be made with hemp as a component of fiberglass.

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These buttons are on the same line of natural products such as shell, leather and chorus buttons.

Contains 80% of natural products from the food indotria and 20% of technical aglutinants and fillers to give resistance. This material does not contain petroleum derivatives and can be dyed with polyester dye.

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Are buttons made with natural shells.

There are two types of shell, the akoya models that have a gray pearl and is a very irregular button and the river that has a whiter look and is a button with a very perfect finish.

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Are buttons made of natural leather. is a noble material that gives special elegance to the piece.

Leather is extracted from farms, never from the wild natural environment, is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Eco-cuero is a material composed of regenerated leather. has a part of leather and a part of gluttons.

The appearance and touch is the same as the natural leather, but at a lower cost and with lower minimum quantities.

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Buttons made with ox handle.

100% natural product, recyclable and Eco-Friendly.

It does not come from wild animals, respectful of the environment.

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Buttons made of horn dust and polyester powder.

Product manufactured 100% with recovered materials.

It does not come from wild animals, respectful of the environment.

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Buttons manufactured with 55% recycled paper.

The rest are stable thermos fillings and technical agglutinants.

Resist washing to 40o and can be bright or matte.

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Buttons manufactured 100% with bamboo rod.

Are 100% natural and biodegradable.

Only canes that come from controlled plantations.

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Buttons made of jute fibres, wood and gluttons.

Resist washing to 40o and can be bright or matte.

Allow ink and dry cleaning.

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Buttons made of natural roots and polyester resins.

Buttons with a lot of character since they are very different from each other, very detonated.

They don't allow ink, but they're in three tones.

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Buttons made of 60% of vegetable fibers, which gives them a aged look.

They resist washing at 60o and ironing up to 180o.

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