About Botiboton

The beginnings of Botiboton they date back to 1947, a company founded by Jaume Torrents as Injectats IMI SL.

The first factory was located on Valencia Street in Barcelona, later it was moved to Dos de Mayo Street, to finish, moving definitively to Sant Feliu de Llobregat looking for larger facilities.

The initial activity was the manufacture of injected buttons, eventually developing specific machinery for this, such as an automatic machine to tip buttons that were shaped like pencils 😊.

In 1989 we started working under the name Botiboton SL, and directed by Margarita Torrents, daughter of the founder and Francisco Mollon, her husband.

Over time, in addition to continuing to manufacture injected buttons, the range of injected articles was expanded, with the manufacture of accessories for clothing, such as brakes and terminals for cords and buckles.

In 2000 began to work Mònica Mollón the granddaughter of Jaume Torrents, and daughter of Margarita and Francisco.

We started to replace the samples with paper catalogues and created the first website with all the samples online.


In 2019, with the global trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly materials, we created the brand Ecoboton, to bring under one umbrella all buttons made from natural materials, recyclable materials or biodegradable. We created a new website, focused only on organic products and that has allowed the sale of small quantities to the end customer, a new sector that we had not explored.

In 2022, we decided to make a double bet on sustainable manufacturing following the sustainable and ecological line and installed solar panels, thus being practically self-sufficient during production.

In our factory we have created a closed loop of production recovery, which makes us generate zero plastic waste during the manufacturing process.

In 2022, we started our presence in craft fairs, participating in: Hand Made BCN, Creativa Barcelona, Love Yarn Madrid (2.023), as we saw a need to approach consumers that has been very enriching for us.

And now in 2023 with this new website we wanted to unite the origins of Botiboton, the world of organic products and retail.

We try to offer a single gateway for industrial buyers, designers, tailors and for individuals and small workshops who can buy in small quantities.

The supply for the purchase of small quantities we are constantly increasing, together with our desire to continue to offer a quality and innovative product constantly.

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The commitments of Ecoboton

We ensure that in the manufacturing process, we generate 0% of plastic waste and all our products contain 45 percent recycled plastic that comes from the same manufacturing process.
The electricity consumed in the manufacturing process comes from solar panels installed on our premises.
We have Plastic recovered from the seabed to be able to supply fully sustainable parts and to close the cycle of total recycling. Material with certificate of origin.

Plastic in products Ecoboton
they leave no trace

Being very aware of the impact of plastics on our planet and the waste they generate Ecoboton we have put in place two lines of action.

1/ All products manufactured in our facilities generate 0% plastic waste, as the material used contains 45% recovered plastic material.

Plastic that comes from the same manufacturing process, as part of a circular recycling. The material comes from the same production as our factory in St. Petersburg. Feliu de Llobregat, where it is milled and prepared for reuse, thus reducing the use of new material.

Generating a 100% clean manufacturing.

2/ Plastic in the sea is a major source of pollution in our oceans. As part of our sustainability project, we can manufacture with Recycled Marine Nylon. It's a material that's purchased from companies that specialize in cleaning up seas and oceans, that collects plastic from the sea, sorts it and processes it so it can be reused.

By using marine plastic in our buttons, we're helping to reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans, and at the same time creating unique, environmentally friendly products.

All the buttons of Ecoboton are manufactured to the same high quality standards as other products. Not only will you be wearing eco-friendly buttons, but you will also be collaborating in the fight against the pollution of our oceans.

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